Task 4 , option 1

Option 1: An inquiry question about computers or networks: Think of one curious question or investigation topic that could form the basis of an inquiry about computers or networks. Your question could be as open-ended as you like. Think of something that requires students to research and/or investigate. Suggest some resources or ways that the students might be able to investigate an answer to the question. The best questions are sometimes those that you don’t know the answer to. It might be that there is no easy answer! 


This activity is suitable as a research /investigative assignment. This  summative assessment for Yr7-10 . The depth / scope or how detailed you want the answers could be pitched at what has  been covered in the Networks unit.

  1. How do you get internet at home? 

The below Questions are just a guide for students to direct them what to think/research about.

These guide questions will alsobe used as marking marking  criteria.

  1. Draw a labelled diagram of your home network.
  2. All nodes need to be labelled
  3. Your diagram must stipulate if the transmission media is wired or wireless.
  4. You must include at least 5 devices/nodes in your diagram (wired or wireless)
  5. how does the internet reach your devices, make sure that you cover all aspects of internet, hardware, software , ISP , firewall , WAP, router, modem.
  6. How would you classify your home network? (hint : pan, lan, man,wan, can) and give a reason for your choice.
  7. what considerations  did you/family had to think about before signing up with your ISP?
  8. what kinds of security features/components did you/family had to think about when setting up your wifi?
  9. Australia recently upgraded  to NBN connection , what is the difference  between NBN and the old ADSL  2 / ADSL . How is NBN a better  choice for connecting to the  internet?

Students can use the internet and their ISP to find answers to their researched questions.

Resources: A3 sheet of paper, pencils for drawing, symbols to represent a router, node wired /wireless connection sheet , MS word to type up student’s home  internet connection scenario.


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