Task 2, option 3

Option 3: If you were hosting a professional development session with teachers or your colleagues (online or face-to-face), what activity could you do that involves teachers collecting, organising and presenting information?


I would use POWER BI to show teachers how to extract GPAs to predict students’ trend in the four main subjects or even a focus area of school . This could be literacy or numeracy.  This helps us keep track of the students who are falling through the cracks , as well as those who are not making any progress or those students who are regressing.


I would also use POWER BI to filter and identify disengaged students by filtering /ranking students’ pastoral care notices and then identify what are the school’s behaviour management challenges . After identifying this I would focus on how to help teachers implement positive behaviour management strategies to address “our” behavioural issues.

This is a very helpful and smart way to represent data in a concise and easy to understand for all.


Power BI comes with MS products such as office 365 outlook, one-note, MS office, teams and etc.

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