Augmented Reality and future

Augmented Reality & teaching and learning

Benefits of using AR in teaching in learning
  1. Increase interactivity and engagment
  2. Rectify mis-conceptions developed by students on learning abstract concepts
  3. Increases visualisation of abstract content hence increases deeper learning of the concepts. This could also help students becoming more  interested in the declining mathematics and sciences subject areas.
  4. More accessible to users as it doesnt require specialised equipment.
  5. Use of AR in teaching and learning  will increase motivation , therefore, will contribute positively in the student learning outcomes.
  6. The cognitive workload may be reduced by integrating multiple sources of information.
  7. The immersion and interaction features offered by AR encourages students to engage in learning activities, hence improve student motivation to learn.
  8.  AR provides highly interactive experiences and can generate authentic learner activity, interactivity, and a high level of realism. Hence will enhance the effectiveness and attractiveness of teaching and learning for students in real life scenarios.
It is  really important to understand how does AR work?  This technology is used in variety of industries. It would be great to  understand the basics as an educator of technologies learning area.


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