Task 5: Option 1

I have used Seesaw as a safe online environment for students to share their work. Usually I will begin by allowing students to post their work and see each other’s work without providing feedback. When they are familiar with this process, I open it up to student comments.

We discuss the context for this feedback and consider how feedback can help us as learners. I usually share an example of when someone has given me feedback and I have initially felt hesitant to accept it, but have come to see their point of view.

We develop a set of protocols for how feedback will occur. I explain that since this is a school task, formal school language is expected rather than colloquialisms and slang which they might use when texting friends. We also discuss the use of emojis and whether these will be used or not. (I usually do not allow these as they can be misinterpreted and/or inappropriate).

We then discuss how to provide feedback that is constructive – a strength and a stretch. We consider how this can be done using phrases that are less confronting for the person receiving them. eg. “Maybe you could try…” “Next time you could…”

I keep comments as something that I need to approve prior to them going on the class journal. This means that I can monitor students’ responses and provide further guidance where needed.

It usually takes a little time for students to get used to the protocols, but they really enjoy commenting on each other’s work and seeing the feedback left for them by others.

It’s an important step in building a community of learners.


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