Task 4 – Digital Systems

Task 4: Option 3

My idea for a potential lesson activity involving exploring past and present technologies is for students to examine communication technologies of both past and present. This would involve the teacher bringing in a range of old communication technologies if possible, including an old style dial telephone, old Nokia mobile phone, a type writer and even a letter for example, and allowing students to attempt to use them (maybe just the old dial telephone to avoid damage if any items brought in are of value), as well as a range of current communication technologies that exist today.  Students could draw comparisons, identifying similarities and differences existing between items. Furthermore, a class brainstorm or group discussion could occur allowing students to provide insight and ideas into any other technologies they may know of that have similarly changed over time. Students could further go on to research how communication technologies has changed over time, (with an inquiry research question on how people communicated before the current mobile phone existed for example), potentially recording this information in the form of a timeline of some sort. Students may further be able to link these past and present technologies to generations, such as their parents and grandparents for example.

I also found some short youtube videos that could be shown in a class to peak student interest and that encapsulate the concept of past and present technologies, which is a key link in HASS syllabus in the Australian Curriculum.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rDkxsNmKDGk&t=19s (A Brief History of Communication, 2011).

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wrtEfxP-8t0 (The history of communication, 2015).

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