Option 2- Code.org

For this task, I found code.org, an educational website that offers a wide range of coding activities for all ages, a great resource. This website offers educational experiences of many varieties, and several branded opportunities that may help students who are reluctant to engage in coding to participate.

One such activity is that of their Minecraft themed coding activities. These problem-solving based activities focus on using a step-based visual programming interface to have participants create an algorithm to achieve a goal.

For example, an introductory task may be issued for the user that requires them to create an algorithm in visual code to get from A to B and then perform an action. In this task, the participant must think about how this may be done by selecting one of many option to achieve the task, for example ordering a character to move forward and to the left, then further forward to navigate an obstacle and reach a goal. This engages their analytical and computational thinking skills, while allowing them to engage with a theme that they identify with from their context, in this case, a popular game.

I think this would be ideal for a student in Year 3-5, especially boys who consider themselves just a little ‘too cool’ to access such learning.

You can access this website and explore it at code.org.

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