Chat Bots

Chat Bots are an example of digital technology being used to solve a problem and to innovate. A chatbot simulates human like conversations with users via text messages on chat in multiple languages (some more easily than others).

 An Artificial Intelligence Chatbot is a piece of software that can communiciate freely with users. AI chatbots can make much better conversationalists than their rule-based counterparts because they leverage machine learning, natural language processing (NLP), and sentiment analysis.


Machine learning – Allows chatbots to identify patterns in user input, make decisions and learn from past conversations.


Natural language processing – Helps chatbots understand how humans communicate and enable them to replicate behaviour. It allows chat bots to understand a conversation and if a person uses jargon or makes a spelling mistake.


The sentiment analysis – Helps students to identify user’s emotions.


I found this guide to Chat Bot’s 2020 guide which includes everything you need to know about them and their uses.


Businesses use chatbots to communicate with customers. Oyoty is an AI platform that is a bot designed to teach children to be safe online.  

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