Task4: Option 3

My lesson idea involves two different pre-made technology boxes. One contains technological items from the past i.e polaroid camera, old phones, pictures of items such as type writer, old style iron etc. The other box contains new technologies such as iPhone, laptop,  apple watch, speakers etc.

In Year 2 class, students are required to study the different/ changes in technologies and how they impact peoples lives in terms of transport, living, communication etc.

Students could work as a class to discover the resources in the old box, discuss what they think they might have been used for and then try to find the equivalent new technology from the other box (if there is one!).

Using hands-on real items would be most beneficial. This way students interact with the objects and can try to figure out how exactly they might have been used. This idea could then be built on – learners could receive images of two different rooms from the home environment and could annotate the different technologies they can see inside the picture.

I also found this video, that could be humorous for children to watch- depending on the class instructional age.


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