Task 7 – Option 2


Beebots are a fantastic digital tool that can be used in early childhood, lower primary and upper primary classrooms for a variety of purposes.


A fun mathematical lesson involving beebots is connect 4. The learning intention of this lesson is to develop understanding of number facts.

This lesson can be used for any year level as the level of difficulty can be determined by the teacher. For lower years, 1- and 2-digits only; for the upper years, much larger numbers can be used. This activity does not only have to be for addition or subtraction, it can also be used for multiplication, division and many other mathematical concepts.

Visit https://blog.teaching.com.au/5-mathematics-bee-bot-lesson-ideas-for-the-classroom for more information.

Lesson description:

  1. Place answer cards in a 4 x 5 grid formation (in any order) on the floor
  2. Player 1 rolls two dice
  3. Add or Subtract the two numbers together
  4. Code the Bee-Bot to reach the answer
  5. Place coloured kinder square on answer
  6. Player 2 repeats step 2 – 5
  7. The first player to have 4 kinder squares in a row, wins.

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