Task 5 Option 1

Delivering the message that the internet is a useful tool, but also a place where unsafe situations can occur, is really crucial for kids.

To demonstrate how easily and quickly information can be spread online, and to how many people, a teacher may put a post on social media that could be spread throughout the world. Alternatively, they may wish to find a post of this type that has already been shared. The teacher can then use the data and statistics from this sharing to emphasize the point that information, once on the net, can be shared and accessed by anyone, anywhere and any time.

This can be used as an analogy for personal info, or any other information a person may wish to publish online. The teacher can use the video linked below from Josh Shipp to deliver extra information to the students. Josh delivers his videos in a jovial way, and speaks a lot of common sense about staying safe online while giving some examples.

Internet Safety Tips by Josh Shipp:

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