Task 1 Option 2

For this task, I chose an article about the use of AI and computer hardware to drastically improve the video quality of old media. As someone who enjoys older films and TV shows, this is a really exciting idea to me.

In the image above, a screenshot from an old episode of Transformers is shown in its original standard definition from on the left, and upgraded to 4K on the right. While this technology is demanding on a computer’s resources and is time intensive, taking hours to render just a few minutes of video, it may allow us to experience older media with greater quality and clarity as our standard resolutions increase. This can ensure we can continue to share and enjoy old media or years to come.

from: https://towardsdatascience.com/expect-to-watch-tv-shows-from-your-childhood-in-4k-thanks-to-ai-7d073567c320

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