Data Representation- Option 1

Option 1: Create a lesson idea for a particular year level or a professional development session, which explores how a type of digital data (sound, text, or image) is represented and transferred. This could be an activity that you are using for a face-to-face or online learning experience

Lesson plan would be for year 1’s

I would create a lesson in response to the Rainbow Fish book for children to represent the sounds of the fish, underwater, the seaweed, the shiny scales and any other ideas they may think of once reading the book.


I would encourage students to look around the room to see what type of materials could be used to represent the sounds. i would role model the sound of water with using a piece of sheet metal and wave it so it gives the echo wooshy sound like water. we could brainstorm ideas and then read the book again. i would do this over a couple of days and then begin recording the sounds the students are making. I would transfer it into an audiobook style and as it read the story and came to each page the sounds would be implemented to show students how it can be represented.

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