Activity ideas for comparing Hmans to computers

Option 2: Create a classroom resource that compares humans to computers in some way. It could be the brain, the body, the senses or another comparison. Share the resource with the community along with a description of the resource and how it could be used in the classroom or for teacher professional development.


I would look at having children build a human out of resources in the room . then using pictures of computer parts we could have group sessions about how a human  compares to a computer by sticking on the pictures to the different body parts. we could do pop quizzes to extend the learning and then in a couple of days change it to a design of a computer and have children point out the human features of the computer.

I would support lengthy conversations about each area and extend on the learning by introducing new components of computers.

We could also build a brain with wiring to a light bulb and talk about how we send data through the system to perform an action.


resources would be:

  • electrical wiring
  • craft supplies
  • light bulb
  • cardboard boxes
  • tins
  • string
  • pictures of human parts and computer parts for recognition

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