Unit 5 Task Brief Response

This will be my final post in the discussion forum as I am now up to Task 5 in my online course.

I have found, by searching myself and also following some of the links from the course content, some resources for teaching topics related to cyber ethics.

So I will be sharing these with you and the wider community after providing a brief explanation.

This first resource, is a link to the esafety commissioner website where there are plenty of resources, lesson plans, worksheets, links etc that can be implemented and used in classrooms with students from junior primary all the way to secondary school.



Next is a short paper about cyber-ethics and how one might go about teaching this subject. It is reading for us as adults.



Finally just a couple of simple videos that could be integrated into classroom lessons.




Thanks everyone and specifically the CSER team for giving me this opportunity to explore and build my confidence around digital technologies and the education process.

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