Unit 5: Task

Some code of ethics that are within my workplace:

* Commit to excellence in service delivery.

Community participation is crucial to the development of quality Safe Food planning and
decision-making processes. We have a responsibility, where appropriate and in accordance
with our official duties, to:
:Listen and respond to issues and concerns raised by individuals or communities
:Consult with the public to assist in the development of public policy, and
:Assist in raising community awareness about public issues and policies.

*Fair Treatment

I will treat everyone fairly. I will not discriminate against anyone on grounds such as age, disability, gender, sexual orientation, religion, race or national origin.


I will be honest about my competence and will seek help when necessary. When my professional advice is sought, I will be impartial. I will avoid conflicts of interest; if they do arise I will declare them.

*Workplace Quality

I will strive to achieve and maintain a safe, healthy, productive workplace for all users.

* Contribute to public discussion in an appropriate and respectful manner.

:Maintain the confidentiality of information we have access to due to our roles, that is
not publicly available, and
:Be aware that personal comments about a public issue may compromise our capacity
to perform the duties of our role in an independent, unbiased manner.

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