unit 5: task 5

Q2: here is a lesson we could use for grad 11/12 students to learn about cyber ethics.


  • Internet Access
  • Microsoft Office


  1. Students are divided into groups to prepare a group statement/plan event to share.
  2. Students document everything to prepare a PowerPoint Presentation assignment. PowerPoint Presentation documents steps taken to complete assignments to all groups in effort to create a Class Commitment Statement/event planning.
  3. The teacher can begin with a discussion with the definition of ethics, giving students IT Ethics worksheet giving examples of ethics statements and Cybersecurity ethics student information worksheet with character traits and links to Carnegie Mellon University information as examples.
  4. How do we ensure absolute willingness to abide by these necessary attributes needed in the security field? Students will work to understand commitment/promise and moral principles/values as many never experienced its importance as it applies to security.
  5. Students identify security issues related to computer hardware, software, and data. Finding Cyber Ethics videos, referencing all information found to use of fabricate their own presentation on Cybersecurity Ethics. Find information on Acceptable Use Policy (AUP), honesty, courtesy, confidentiality, copyright/trademark, intellectual property, privacy issues, identity theft – may be divided between five groups.
  6. Create Team statement of ethical behavior – create Team graphical representation.
  7. Class collaboration to finalize Class Commitment Statement/event plan.

this lesson plan was retrieved from pressboks. this is the URL for further information. this helps students to learn communication, collaboration and critical thinking.


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