Unit 4 – Task 3: Cuber Attacks

Hackers have been around since World War 1, in the form of  ‘code breakers’. But in today’s society, hackers pose a much more advanced threat. These days, hackers can steal some vital information: credit card details, addresses, family information, phone numbers and more. But how long until hackers start taking DNA information from hospitals, start being able to remotely access our cars’ onboard computers, or even take control of planes flying in the sky. It sounds far-fetched, but we’re not that far away. Hackers are able to crack open the most secure sites and hubs in the world, so how long until hackers can go even further? How long until they are able to create new identities every day, new passports and IDs every hour? Hackers are learning and evolving, and it is becoming a different game every day.

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