Unit 3 Task Brief Response

Hi again everyone, this time I am sharing with you a resource and some information about how to support teaching students in primary years about information sharing and also safe communication.

I have always loved the idea of being able to integrate storybooks and storytelling into lessons so I have been able to find a book that fits perfectly into the topics we are discussing.

Firstly, talk with your students about their knowledge of “life online”. Prompt them and help generate some discussion and ideas related to cyber security and awareness. After making a list on the board, or even on a large piece of paper on the floor/table, introduce the book (I have included the video link for it below). Have another short chat about the title, pictures, possible storyline etc. (all the regular things you would do before reading the book).

After listening to the story, see if students want to add to their list. If not move onto the task/worksheet, which gets students to do a 5 4 3 2 1 activity (also attached below).



Tripwire-cyber-attacks-vectors Future of Cybersecurity2

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