Unit 3 Option 1

These days we are constantly leaving a digital footprint, which can most certainly be seen as a positive in some instances, for example memories to look back on that will never get lost. However, more often than not, leaving a digital footprint is not a good thing and can be very dangerous. Unfortunately there are some very bad people out there who will use the information they can find online to do bad things such as stalking. Social media provides people with a lot of information about a person and where they are from, facebook for example asks for your hometown and displays it on your public profile. ‘Check-ins’ on facebook, twitter, instagram, etc. all show an exact location of somewhere you have been. Most worrying of all, snapchat recently introduced the ‘maps’ feature which shows friends exactly where you are. Which in theory is not too bad because it only shares it with friends, however it is very common to ‘friend’ people that you are actually not friends with and might not even know. Hence, why it is important to be aware of the risks associated with social media.

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