Unit 2 task

Cyber security refers to the amount of privacy that people have on their social media accounts (e.g. public and private accounts), cyber awareness refers to the the knowledge/awareness that people have in regards to what could happen on the internet and how to keep themselves safe. Cyber safety refers to the knowledge that people have about the dangers of the internet and how to keep themselves and others safe.

At the moment, I have not seen these things taught in the classroom. Although, in my opinion it is vital for students to learn these things. It is near impossible to keep students away from social media these days, which is why teachers should focus on teaching students how to use the internet safely instead of telling them not to use it at all. Cyber security, cyber awareness, and cyber safety are critical skills in today’s society, which is why students should be taught these skills to at least some extent in the classroom so they are able to better protect themselves and others.

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