Unit 2: Task


HI my name is Kelsey and i am a Third year Uni Student, studying masters of teaching, bachelor of education primary r-7.


The key differences between cyber security, cyber awareness and cyber safety are the areas in which they address.

cyber security – protecting computers, networks etc.

cyber awareness – our knowledge to protect our information assets.

cyber safety – the way we use information safely.

I think it is very important we teach these three specific areas because, the young generations coming through the school system are online at higher volumes. It is important students are educated how our information online is protected, how we need to act online to ensure our information assets are safe and how we act online responsibly.

2. networks in the classroom

this activity simply introduces the basic idea of what a network is through a relatable topic (family). This allows students to understand the term of a network, the next step will be to explore computer networks perhaps through a scavenger hunt where students need to explore the network connections between computers, laptops and printers in the school.


3. private and public information

using a diagram students are asked to sort  private and public information into their correct columns.  For example address will go into private information, favourite sport to play can go into public.

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