Unit 2 Option 1

Cyber security encompasses a number of different areas. The key word ‘security’ assists us in recognising and understanding what it means. Cyber security is protecting yourself and your information from potentially dangerous sources. There are programs available to purchase to assist this such as; anti virus. However, there are always limits to how much protection they can provide. It is important to be smart when online to protect yourself. This includes not entering credit card details to unknown websites, and not providing personal information to a pubic domain.

Cyber awareness is intertwined into cyber security, because without a good ‘awareness’ of what is potentially a risk, it is not possible to maintain cyber security. Awareness comes from experience and learning from others with experience. Being able to recognise websites that look ‘dodgy’ and emails that look like spam/ scam are signs of good cyber awareness.

Cyber safety encompasses the aforementioned definitions, and anything to do with being safe online. Cyber safety is something that must be considered EVERY time you are online, because it only takes 1 moment of negligence for disastrous consequences.

As technology is becoming more and more prominent in our society it is crucial that being safe online is taught regularly in the classroom. I think it should be taught at least once per week in the form of a dedicated lesson, but also touched on at any other available opportunity in other curriculum areas.

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