Technologies in Australia Then vs Now

 Exploring past and present technologies: Share a lesson idea that involves exploring past and present technologies. You might prepare a resource, a lesson plan or some online content that accompanies your lesson. Share your idea with the community. If you are a teacher trainer, you might consider an idea for a professional development session.


Lesson Idea: Exploring how technologies used by Indigenous Australians differs or remains the same to technologies used today.

An example for technologies used by Indigenous Australians:

The application of knowledge to create technologies is an integral part of the heritage and future of
Australia. It is also essential to sustainable development. In traditional Aboriginal societies science
and technology were used to manage the environment for the benefit of all people.
A great variety of tools, weapons and utensils were used to gather plants for food, fibres and medicine as well as to hunt animals for food and clothing. In the manufacture of these tools and weapons rocks such as obsidian and quartz were attached to wood to create excellent cutting edges. These rocks in fact produce a cleaner, smoother cutting surface than steel. To attach the
stones resins were used.
The basic pattern of Aboriginal life was similar throughout Australia: small groups of people moved with the seasons over a particular territory. Their knowledge of seasonal changes in the
environment and the ecology of plants and animals was very important in the search for food. All people used a similar range of equipment which included:
• netting and trapping equipment
• digging sticks
• cutting and chopping tools
• hunting and fighting equipment eg spears, boomerangs
• equipment to prepare food e.g. grinding stones
• containers eg bowls (coolamons)

Examples of these technologies used today:

Fishing equipment
• shovels

• kitchen utensils
• hunting and fighting equipment eg guns, spear guns

• equipment to prepare food e.g. kitchen equipment

How have these technologies changed and/or remained the same?

Write down ways it has changed or remained the same. Discuss this with the class.


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