Task 7: Visual Programming (option 2)


Option 2: Describe a classroom activity that incorporates a visual programming environment (it can be any included in this module or another environment that you come across).

Blockly is a maze activity that focuses on problem solving exercises, where students can develop algorithms through block-based programming.

Each maze progressively becomes more complicated or introduces a new concept to be integrated into the algorithm.

This activity helps students explore direction, sequences of instructions, and the algorithmic concept of repetition.
Students can start by:
1- Exploring the Blockly instructions that are used in the application.
2 – Students then, (either in small groups, or as a whole class) try to solve the problems shown in blockly.
Each problem could be shown, and then each group of students be given a small amount of time to come up with their own algorithm solution using the given instruction blocks.
3 – After completing the different maze levels in the blockly application, students will be asked to create their own maze, perhaps with their own subset of instruction blocks, or constraints on how many instructions can be used to solve the problem.
Link here:
I believe that this game concept would be super engaging and really help students to think critically and use their computational thinking

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