Task 7: Option 2

An activity that can be introduced to children in the early years that incorporates visual programming is the capturing of the steps involved in planting a seed. This is an activity that can be easily integrated with the Science learning area. Within this activity, students are modelled the process of planting a seed and then they are to document the sequence of steps of planting a seed using an iPad. With the iPad the students take photographs of each step involved in planting a seed and then import these images onto a program like Pic Collage or Strip Designer. Once on these programs, the students can then label and order their steps. This activity can branch into further decision making processes whereby students can create decision trees about what the plant needs to grow. For example, if the soil is dry, the person is instructed to water the plant. If not, the person can come and check the plant another day.

This idea was found on the digital technologies hub website: https://www.digitaltechnologieshub.edu.au/teachers/lesson-ideas/planting-fruit-and-vegetables

Here is also an excellent lesson plan that is centred on the creation of an algorithm for planting a seed. Included is a great worksheet where students cut out the steps of planting a seeds and place them in order. Here is the link: https://code.org/curriculum/course1/6/Teacher#Activity1


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