Task 7: option 1

Story sequencing with Scratch Junior

In this lesson, students will adapt and extend an existing Scratch Junior Game, demonstrating proficiency in understanding Scratch Jr functions.

“Moving Game Plan” code-it.co.uk/csplanning https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HMoWiaW182E

A story sequence will follow a student as central character, saying in recorded speech, what they want to do as they move along a home scene to a rocket.  Upon contact with the rocket, the scene will change to that of being in space. When in the space screen, the student will use finger control to play the game of avoiding collision between rocket and planets.  When the rocket finally collides with a planet, a third screen will appear showing an explosion with text and a recorded exclamatory remark from the character.

Students will first sequentially outline their story or create a cartoon strip, with a narrative beginning, middle and end.  They will be guided to understand each screen can contain more than one code block.

Students will photograph their face onto a sprite used as the central character, adding recorded speech in the first and third screens. The rocket game will be developed as per “Moving Game Plan”, requiring the student to place and shrink 3 characters (a rocket and two planets) and program their motions in repetition.

Lesson sequence:

Following story sequencing or cartoon strip development, students create the artwork for 3 screens in Scratch Jr understanding one will be the home screen; the 2nd, a space scene on which the game is played; and the third, an explosion scene:

  1. Create a home scene with student outside house with a rocket on the ground in the landscape. Student photographs self into blank face on sprite character.
  2. Create a space scene with a rocket and two planets as per teacher developed or You Tube clip for “Moving Game Plan”.
  3. Create a ‘Game Over’ explosion scene.

Guiding Questions:

Home Scene

Can I photograph my photo into a character?

What code do I use to record speech for my character?

How can I click-start my character to start and move from left to right of the screen? How do I shrink my character?

How can I make the screen change when my character touches the rocket?

I will need two code blocks given I want to move my character and I want to change to a new screen

Rocket Scene

How can I shrink my rocket and two planets and place identical code blocks for each of these three sprites?

What codes do I use to move the planets across the screen repeatedly?

What code do I use to provide a finger-touch control for the rocket?

How can I make the screen change when the rocket collides with a planet?

I will need four code blocks in order to shrink sprites, start and loop movements across and up and down screen; enable touch control and change to final screen

Explosion, end scene

How can I make my character re-appear, get bigger, speak and return to original size?

How can I add text to show the game is over?

I will need one code block for the movement and speech of my character.


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