Task 7: Option 1

For this activity I am using the Scratch Game Cards for the game called BOUNCE OFF THE PADDLE.

This game demonstrates how students can build code using variables, if/then statements and the ‘forever’ feature.

This activity would be used after the basics of Scratch had been taught and established. It is also a lesson in the middle of a series of  lessons building up to creating a finished product (game).

The students need to create the game using tutorial cards, each card adds a new function to the game, this game is built is 6 steps:

1. Bounce Around

2. Move the Paddle

3. Bounce off the Paddle

4. Game Over

5. Score Points

6. Win the Game

Once the game is completed, students can explore by changing the variables, changing the sprite, adding or deleting a function (eg sound), or by adding additional functions (eg a colour change).


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