Task 7: Microbit Exploration

Microbits are a pocket sized computer that is essentially an open source piece of hardware. This computer has been designed for students to explore programming (basic code). The microbit is best utilised with Upper Primary and early highschool students. The microbit website has a large database of lesson plans and guides for students and teachers to use (https://microbit.org/lessons/).


To incorporate the microbit into the Year 6 classroom I would assume the students had a foundation of program previously.  I am very passion about teaching my students how to care for themselves and maintain a positive wellbeing. This can be done by asking students to program their microbit’s as a heart rate monitor and step counter. This can be incorporated into an integrated technology and health unit where students design wearable technologies. Students will be given the freedom to interact its the software including scaffolded activities to become familiar with the elements of programming. Students will practise their problem solving, critical and creative thinking and personal & social capability.

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