Task 6: Option 2

Think, pair share

  1. Ask students to arrange themselves into pairs.
  2. Provide each pair with Worksheet 1: Dare to square. 
  3. Explain that each pair will need to view the images on the worksheet. Using the arrow symbols, convert a sequence (algorithm) into a program for others to follow to ensure the correct squares on the grids are coloured.
  4. Invite students to swap programs with other groups.
  5. Provide each pair with blank grids and instruct the students to follow the programs to colour the squares on each grid.
  6. Ask students to create their own versions of the grids and invite other students to provide instructions to complete the tasks.
  7. Introduce the command repeat. Have the students consider how they can reduce the number of steps by including ‘repeat’ in the algorithm. For example, ‘move one square to the right, colour the square, repeat’.

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