Task 6: Option 2

Replicating a line drawing from oral instructions.

Student A creates on a small whiteboard, a simple line drawing of a preferred image or series of shapes that can be replicated in 8 to 10 steps.  The image is hidden from the view of another student about to follow a sequence of verbal instructions to replicate the image.

Student A decides which shape the other will first execute, instructing the other student on what type of line or shape to draw, describing its position on the whiteboard. Another instruction in the sequence continues after each is interpreted and executed.  The work of the second student is visible to student A and to other class members.

At the end of the sequence, both the original drawing and the replication are shared. The class reflects on interpretation, clarity of instructions and whether appropriate instructions were chosen to be delivered.  Another pair of students are selected from the cohort to repeat the activity with a different drawing.

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