Task 6 – Option 2

An activity which I think could very engaging and beneficial to lower primary year students would be the programming of Bee-Bots. I think this would be a great resource for multiple reasons as they are learning an array of skills while also having fun. With Bee-Bots they can be programmed to run a very simple set of instructions. These instructions will move the Bee-Bots in the order that they have been programmed.

An activity which students could complete with this manipulative is: partner up (or small groups) and have one of the students being the director while another is the programmer. The directors job is to have the Bee-Bots move to a certain location (an area on a Bee-Bot map) and it’s the programmers job to follow the directors instructions and see if they are able to get the Bee-Bot to the correct area (each group could have different map/ areas to reach).

This would also help coding and direction and students are using these skills to complete this activity. After students have got a solid grasp of these concepts, they could also use the Bee-Bot app on iPads to enhance their skills while being engaged.

This is an example of what it could look like –

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