Task 6: Algorithms & programming


Option 3: Create an algorithm as a flow chart for an everyday activity or situation. Explain how you would incorporate it into your classroom or teacher professional development (activity ideas).

I believe that a flow chart of how we start our day would be an excellent way to introduce algorithms.

I have come up with a simple flow chart that states the simple tasks that students do every morning before class starts.

This chart could be placed at the front of the classroom or on the door into the classroom.

The lesson could be introduced by talking about the chart and as a class we could discuss:

  • What other steps do we do in the morning before class starts?
  • Does anyone do these steps in a different order?
  • What would you add to the chart if we started it from when we wake up in the morning?

After students could make their own charts about what they do before they get to school.

Thank you!



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