Task 5 – Option 1

In our modern age, online safety and digital awareness are more important than ever, and school is one of the, if not the best place to learn about behaviour, safety and the dangers of internet use. 

I have devised a lesson plan that uses role play to teach students about online safety in a fun and engaging way. Students would be divided into groups and assigned a website or form of social media. The Carly Ryan Foundation has a plethora of resources about different apps and social media platforms. Here is a link to the fact sheet about FaceBook and another about Tik Tok . I would provide each group with a basic fact sheet about their given application which they could base their role play upon. Role plays are a great way for students to bring their own experiences into the classroom and learn from each other with active body based learning. 

I think it’s important to be teaching students how to engage in and with online communication services and platforms safely, rather than telling them not to use them at all.

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