Task 4: Option 4


The link above is an activity that students can do from their own home with the assistance of online teaching. This activity allows students to explore elements of a digital system including hardware, software and some commonly used peripheral devices while also discovering how these elements work together. Students will have a voice overed PowerPoint that includes instructions and pictures for their lesson. Firstly, students will look into past and present images of technology. Students are to jot down what they notice or the differences between past and present technology. Students will then delve into what digital systems are and understand hardware, software and peripheral devices. Students are to take notes and draw pictures to show their understanding of these digital system aspects. At the end of the lesson students are to present their findings on a mind map, with ‘digital technologies’ placed in the middle of the page. This will allow educators to see what their students have learnt and what more they need to work on.

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