Task 4: Option 3

Section 1. Posing questions

Choose one object from your class museum.

  • Use these question starters to pose questions about your object: 
    • what, when, where, who, how, why? 
  • Ask your teacher to check the questions.

Section 2. Comparing objects

  • Choose one more object from your class museum that is newer or older than your first object. 
  • Use the Venn diagram to show what is the same and what is different (e.g. features, materials and functions) about the objects from the past and present. 

Section 3. Answering questions

Find answers to your questions by using the sources provided by your teacher and interviewing adults about life in the past and the present. 


Section 3. Developing a historical narrative

Plan a spoken/signed presentation

Your presentation will:

  • tells about the objects from the past and the present with similar features, materials and functions
  • compares the two objects (design, function, impact on daily life)
  • explains how the technology object has changed over time
  • explains changes in how the technology objects are used in the past and the present.

Rehearse the presentation

Watch a classmate rehearse their presentation. Use these questions to give feedback.

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