Task 4 – Option 3

For this task, a device that came to mind is a camera. Whilst not directly related to digital systems, hardware, software or computers, I thought it could be a fun way for students to discover the changes and evolution in the mechanics of how things work. 

I thought analog film cameras would be a great example as the vast majority of the mechanics are on show, which would help students understand the complex working of a whole range of devices. 

Originally, everything within the camera was manual. The film was loaded in a very specific way, the focus, f stop, aperture, and reloading of the film all have to be done manually, which also can be observed by the user. In comparison to how easy it is to take a photo now, especially with the influx of mobile phone and laptop cameras, it is nowhere near as clear the process of how photographs are taken.

By teaching students about what happens within computers or technological devises, they will gain a deeper and more thorough understanding of digital technologies. They will grow to recognise the complexity of digital and technological devises and it will shape how they interact with them. 

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