Task 4: Digital systems (Option 4)

Hi all!

I have chosen Option 4: Think of and share an online remote learning activity idea that involves students learning about identifying different technologies and their purposes (or hardware and software more specifically) from their own home. Include what the students will be doing in the activity and how you would like them to share their learning with you or the class.

After doing some research i found this on the digital tech hub website and i thought it was a brilliant idea!

Its called, Game-based learning and it involves students using game development concepts and software to create their own games.

These activities are highly engaging and motivating for students

Game-making helps students develop the three types of thinking that the Digital Technologies curriculum is based around, including: systems, design and computational thinking.

link – https://www.digitaltechnologieshub.edu.au/teachers/lesson-ideas/think-like-an-inventor/what-makes-a-good-game

This is a lesson idea that parents could take home and practice with their kids and get engaged in themselves.


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