Task 2 Option 1 – Cyber Space

Samuel Kinnear

Being a part of this technological renaissance comes with its ups and downs. Being young, adventurous and inquisitive during these times allows young students to discover and learn new things. Yet staying safe online is extremely important and their are pitfalls they can fall into. There are three main sub-strands of being cyber-safe.

Cyber Security: The use of computer software like firewalls, the use of AI in our computers and allowing skilled professionals to keep our systems safe.

Cyber Awareness: Keeping good and hard-to-crack passwords, knowing that online data and info if permanent, and that data can be used and misused and students need to be careful.

Cyber Safe: The use of safe and legal collaboration, citing original content makers, applying a code of ethics and being careful with devices.

It is vital we teach and show these students how to act and be responsible online, as much of what happens on the internet is not just there for everyone to see,  but in many cases, it is permanent.

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