Task 2 – Option 1

Task 2 – Option 1: Collect and visualise some data collected from your classroom, your home, online or from your community. Identify how best to represent your data visually, and then prepare a visualisation – this could be done on paper, a whiteboard, using physical objects, or you could try out infographic software. Please share your visualisation with the community, either by taking and sharing a photo, taking a screen shot or sharing a link to your visualisation.

To complete this task I collated a range of information about the hair colour of the students in the class where I am undertaking my Second Year placement. 

The results were as follows:

Light brown hair: 11 people

Dark brown hair: 5 people

Blonde hair: 7 people 

Coloured hair: 2 people


Whilst it is a collection of very simple data, the same formulas and layouts can be used for a wide range of different types of data. Simple exercises and collections of data can help students build the foundational knowledge upon which they can/will use later down the track. 


I used excel to create a pie chart that displayed my findings, which can be seen by clicking HERE.

I had a bit of difficulty with this as I have not used excel a great deal throughout my studies, but I managed to complete it. Another chart I wanted to create was a two-toned bar graph, showing the number of boys and girls in relation to this data. This would demonstrate how many boys had a particular hair colour in comparison to the number of girls. Unfortunately I was not able to determine how to create this bar chart, so instead I elected to create my own on paper, which I have included below. 

I would like to learn more about different means and ways of data collection and representation, as I think it is an incredibly important skill both within the classroom and in the wider community. 

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