Question 1

Explain what you think are some of the key differences between cyber security, cyber awareness and cyber safety.

Cyber security is the knowledge of protecting computers and their data. This involves setting up programs, firewalls and passwords which will keep the computer safe. Cyber awareness is having the knowledge to put things into place to protect yourself. This includes strong passwords and up to date procedures. It also includes knowing when something doesn’t look right and knowing all data stays online forever.

Cyber safety is being able to use the internet in a safe and responsible manner.

It is important to teach students the differences of these three key ideas in schools to deepen the students understanding of ITC. Students will most of the time have access to the internet so it should be taught how to use it responsibly.

Below is a link to The department of Education site which shares information that can help teachers or parents explain cyber safety to students. There is also a poster attached which can assist in explaining the key ideas.


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