Intro & Unit 2-Task 2

Hi my name is Shenae and I am currently in my third year of study. I am studying Bachelor of Primary Education.


Task 2:

I have chosen to discuss the key differences between cyber security, cyber awareness and cyber safety.

: Cyber security focuses on protecting the computers programs, networks and data systems. Whereas, cyber awareness focuses on building students knowledge and attitudes when it comes to protecting information and assets. Lastly, cyber safety allows students to collaborate responsibly while online and manage/apply safe settings.

Learning about and practising these three key terms would greatly benefit students knowledge and further develop their understanding of technology. However, If I was to actually teach students about the fundamentals of computer science I would divide the 3 terms into separate lessons and focus on one key term at a time to fully cover all of the content.

I think it is critical for educators to teach digital technologies that provide students with a strong foundation to understand some of the workings of cyber security, cyber awareness and cyber safety.


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