Task 1: Hot Spot Spotter

Robokids saving the world

I chose this article as it is close to my heart and is an excellent example of the use of digital technologies and the use of computational thinking to solve a real world problem.

These 10 students who I worked with at a previous school, competed in the FIRST Lego League Competition in 2013.  This organisers select a theme for the competition and pose a STEM problem for students to solve.  This particular year the theme was Nature’s Fury, a focus on Natural Disasters around the world.

This team of 10 primary school students selected Bushfires as their topic to investigate as this disaster was specific to our community.  They researched the issue, interviewed experts (CFA volunteers, the Chief of the CFA and key people from the Forest and Industry sector), identified a problem and then spent many hours working on developing a solution.  They invented The Hot Spot Spotter.

If you read the article you will see the idea behind their concept and how relevant it is for the safety of the fire fighters who put their lives in harms way to protect out community.

The students used Lego Mindstorms robots to engineer and build the prototype and many hours of coding using the Lego Mindstorms program to program the sensors and power and move the robot to travel over harsh terrain.

Hot Spot Spotter Hot Spot Spotter

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