Ethics Statement

Just like classroom rules that you make at the start of the year with your students, you could do the same with online rules.

This is a great way to check for understanding where the child is at with internet safety as well as collecting their ideas on what they think is important.

Kaspersky has a great set of 10 rules to follow for safely going online. You could use some of these mixed with ones your students have come up with to create your ethical statement for your class.

  1. Keep personal information limited
  2. Make sure your privacy settings are ON
  3. Practice safe browsing
  4. Make sure your internet connection is secure
  5. Be careful what you download
  6. Choose strong passwords
  7. Make online purchases from secure sites
  8. Be careful what you post
  9. Be careful who you meet online
  10. Keep you antivirus programme up to date



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