Visual Programming – COVID 19 Online-Style

2020 unfortunately hasn’t been an easy year for anyone. The Education Departments have also taken a hard hit with majority of schools moving their classes online due to restrictions. Luckily for this generation, the internet has proven most helpful in struggling times. Visual programming is amongst the many things that students will learn in the classroom (or on the couch if they are online) and there are programmes designed to help educators educate! Yay!

Programmes such as Blockly and Scratch give students the opportunity to learn about visual programming and the wonders that it can do. Child and adult friendly, students and parents will be able to work on the Scratch/Blockly programme and challenges together. It makes learning fun and sets up a reward at the end of all their hard programming work.

These online visual programming websites may not be as enjoyed by all students, but so long as a student can demonstrate that they have grasped an understanding of how visual programming works, it might be best to let these students create their own way of enjoying and using this skill. Hands-on options are also available for students to learn such as “Bee Bot” a cute little bee robot that is programmed to follow a certain pathway and knows when to avoid objects.

All of these methods will not only help students learn about visual programming but allow them to think critically and creatively, solve problems, use logic and think computationally.

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