Visual Programming

Lessons could be undertaken and implemented online through programs like; Collaborative, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype and Google Docs. Due to being online with COVID19, the teacher could share their audio, screen and video applications with their students. This will allow the student to see what the teacher is doing but also, allow the teacher to determine students progression through a topic.

An activity ‘Blockly’ could be used for students to identify a code. This program allows students to become familiar with coding.

If having internet was an issue, teachers could video interact on blockly step by step to allow students to follow along. This will then develop sequences of instructions.Teachers would be required to send these prior to a lesson to students.

Finally, students could create a maze at home. They would be required to create/write an algorithm for how to get through the maze successfully. Then, they would require a family member to to undertake the maze. Students could then reflect on the algorithm and change steps if required, and repeat the process again.

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