UNIT 5: Task Q1

My top 5 ethics statements are:

  1. Take care of technology equipment: As all students are using this and with many viruses roaming around the internet, students must learn to watch what they click, share and download.
  2. Explore appropriate and safe sites for learning and research: Sites sometimes contain inaccurate information, students need to be able to evaluate these websites and assess the information provided
  3. Help prevent cyberbullying: Because of the anonymity of the internet, it is easy to say things that one would not say to the other’s face. Therefore, students need to be given examples of cyberbullying and encourage them to report it.
  4. Always give credit to original source: Students need to know about citing references in assignments, so they need to know about the importance of online citations.
  5. Remember to be effective, thoughtful and ethical digital creators: Students need to think about how they are using this digital media and how to be thoughtful and effective digital creators

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