unit 4

Learning tasks

  1. Explore and compare the use of older technology with the use of current technology. For example, if possible, locate and use a typewriter to compose a letter. Compare that with using a desktop computer and a print out.
  2. Discuss how technology improves over time and reasons for these improvements. For example, in the past computers were not portable so this technological change has enabled us to stay connected anytime, anywhere.
  3. Play a simple game where students in teams compete to be the fastest to locate certain facts. Teams are divided according to with or without technology e.g. encyclopaedia or using a computer and a search engine such as Google. Students compare the findings e.g. which method is fastest?
  4. Locate a handicam or video camera and compare the use of this to the camera functionality of a tablet or smartphone.
  5. View a video or DVD and compare with watching a G-rated program on Netflix, YouTube or similar. Discuss steps required and system (technological) requirements for each example.
  6. Compare an older style desktop computer with a tablet device or laptop.


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