Task 7: Visual Programming – Option 4: Remote teaching of visual programming

When students are working from home, adjustments need to be made to lessons to ensure students are engaged, learning and have the resources they need. Visual programming is an excellent activity for remote learning as it is a given that each student participating has their own device that they can program on.

The lesson would first involve the teacher providing context and modelling (what the core concept is for the day ie: if/else blocks and how you can use them in scratch).

Define the achievement goals for a visual programming assignment (ie: Create a clicker game that utilises the if/else command). Students may use whatever resources they can find online to achieve the goals.

Encourage students to communicate by providing breakout chat rooms for group work and setting up a message board where they can ask and answer questions. As a teacher you should be active in these online spaces for moderation and to answer student questions.

Provide lots of ideas for customisation of the visual program, but stress that you only want to see visual customisation once the base program works.

Can have students email in their code for your records, and give a short screenshare demonstration of how their program runs to the class while explaining problems they encountered and how they solved these problems.

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