Task 7: Visual Programming (Option 2: Visual programming with dance prompt cards)

This lesson is design for younger children to develop emergent visual programming skills. It incorporates dance movements where children can enjoy physical movements as well as programming.

  1. Explain to children that children are now dance robots that need to follow visual programs to move.
  2. Put 5 dance prompt cards on the board and model to children how you would do robot dance by following the 5 dance steps in sequence.
  3. Now, ask the children to do the 5 step robot dance together with you.
  4. Now, change the 5 dance prompt cards, tell children they do the dancing. Point to the cards so that the children can robot dance at the same pace. Do it 3 times with different dance prompt cards.
  5. Now, let the children work in groups of 3 or 4, in which one person do the programming while the others play as dance robots. Switch roles once a student has programmed 3 times.
  6. If children feel confident with these actions, you may then increase the amount of dance steps! or add a repeat card so that the children have to repeat the same move several times.

    HAVE FUN!!!!!


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