Task 7: Visual programming

Option 2, Task 7

Through Scratch, catch the mouse was the most interesting activity created to represent Visual Programming. The module showed how Catch the mouse can be implemented not just through digital programming but in physical form too, through a PE activity. The activity is about a cat trying to catch a mouse. When done as an activity, one student can be a cat while the other students are the mouse, essentially becoming a game of tag. While a game was created digitally to represent the similar basis of the game, having a computer game, with the player controlling the cat and there goal is the same, to catch the mouse. However the mouse can be quite tricky to catch as its programmed to be fast and quick to provide challenge to the player. This all raises questions as to how this works, why is the mouse fast, what happens when you catch the mouse. Students work together and take turns. Students might want the game to be easier, with makes it easier, is the cat to hard to control or is the mouse to fast. This gets the students thinking more about not only the purpose but the reasons of how the game was made.

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